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a little about me

This is Black in the Day, a storytelling show about dreamers, geniuses, innovators, world record-breakers and lifetime achievers.

My parents were fastidious in teaching my sisters and me about our black culture: we owned more than one black history encyclopedia that I’m sure my back is still paying the price for lugging around all those years. We KNEW our Harlem Renaissance poetry by heart. We spit W.E.B. Duboise like my grandmother quoted Philippians. Our parents worked to instill in their 4 daughters that paper bag brown was rich and ancient and vibrant, perhaps even more vibrant than the women we saw immortalized daily on television.

It wasn’t until I had daughters of my own that I fully came to respect what it means to teach our history to these young minds, to shape them into strong self-loving sisters, especially because of their pigmentation, not despite it. This podcast is a passion project for me and mine, and hopefully will become a piece of the educational foundation for you and yours. My goal is to bring to you a more complete story of us, thereby cultivating an appreciation of how melanin has shaped the world.

I have two daughters named Lily and Rose and we live in Plano, TX. I am very close with my family still who are spread out across Texas - My father and stepmom, my mom and my three sisters. We love to discuss politics, theology, and social issues in our family texts; our debates can get pretty lively! Please feel free to email me at or find me on Facebook or Twitter.